Company Background:

Milligan’s Maple Products is a family owned and operated company that was founded in 2014 by Kevin and Mike Milligan. Milligan’s syrup is carefully crafted from maple sap to pure maple syrup at the Milligan Family Sustainable Forest located in Athens, Ohio. Milligan’s syrup is produced in small batches to provide optimal taste for customers. Milligan’s is also one of the few companies in Ohio who offer a  bourbon barrel aged syrup product, which blends the unique flavor of pure maple syrup while the bourbon barrel imparts a rich oaky flavor with hints of vanilla and a smooth finish. Milligan’s sources all of its bourbon barrels from local Ohio distilleries.

About Pure Maple Syrup:

Pure maple syrup is not only a delicious food source that people of all ages enjoy, but also contains many health benefits which appeal to health conscious consumers. Pure maple syrup has as much calcium as milk, does not have any additives or preservatives, and contains antioxidants. Pure maple syrup can be enjoyed as a topping on a wide range of food products including oatmeal, pancake’s, yogurt, French toast, ice cream, waffles, a marinade for meats, and as a cocktail ingredient.