How it’s made

How is Pure Maple Syrup made?

Pure Maple Syrup is made by drilling a small hole and inserting a “tap” into a maple tree in order to collect maple sap. Maple trees are only found in the Northeast part of North America. Maple sap ranges from 96-98% water, with the remaining content containing sugar. The maple sap is then boiled down in an evaporator to create maple syrup. It takes about 40 gallons of maple sap to produce a gallon of maple syrup. The sap is filtered before it is put into the evaporator and then the syrup is filtered to remove any bi products.

In order for sap to run from a maple tree the temperature needs to be below freezing at night (ideally in the high 20’s) and above freezing during the day (ideally high 30’s to low 40’s). The production season typically starts in late February and lasts until early April but varies based on seasonal weather trends.

Collection methods for maple sap vary from using buckets and bags, to relying on tubing systems to run into a central storage tank. Milligan’s uses a combination of tubing and buckets, but primarily relies on tubing for sap collection. Evaporators can either be wood or gas powered, Milligan’s uses wood from fallen trees in the forest to power its evaporator.