1/24/17 Update: We have tapped our trees and have had 2 boils to date.  We are still going to add some taps and are hoping for greater cooperation from the weather in the coming weeks.  We are also very excited to announce that we are the official syrup provider for Sunny Street Cafe Upper Arlington!

1/6/17 Update:

We are almost ready to tap!   We are continuing to create new partnerships with restaurants, coffee shops, and bed & breakfasts.  We also hired a branding consultant to create a new logo and packaging that will be released soon.  

7/21/16 Update:

We are preparing for the next season by implementing steps to raise our maple sap sugar content through a forestry management program that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has helped implement.  We have also added several restaurant customers including Copious, Milestone 229, and Wildflower Cafe. We are continuing to approach restaurants and retailers about carrying our products. 

3/22/16 Update:

The production season ended much earlier than expected (March 9), but we ended up with 1,200 taps and learning a lot.  Utilizing a reverse osmosis machine and a filter press drastically reduced our processing time (no more 14 hour boils!).  We have continued to grow our bourbon barrel aged pure maple syrup product, and approach businesses about using our product or selling it retail.  To date, we have added The Worthington Inn and Skillet to our restaurant customer base, and The Market Italian Village as a retailer.  We are going to continue to expand our production, and have already began preparing for next season!  

9/28/15 Update:

Sales have been going very well, and we plan to expand our production considerably next season.  We hope to have around 900-1,200 taps next year!  We recently purchased a reverse osmosis machine which will drastically reduce our processing time and allow us to increase our number of taps.  In addition, we recently were approved for a Value Added Producer Grant from the USDA.  This grant will help cover some of our marketing and promotional costs next year.  

4/13/15 Update:

We finished our first season!  All of the taps are pulled and the process of preparing for next season has begun.  We have sold our syrup to Granville Brewing Company, North High Brewing Company, and Coonskin Crossing General Store.  We are continuing to approach businesses about using our products or carrying them for retail.  Thanks for everyone’s support!

3/13/15 Update:

To date we have made 30 gallons of Pure Maple Syrup, consisting of 27 gallons Grade A medium Amber and 3 gallons of Grade A Dark.  We expect to have another 20 gallons made after this weekend.  We ended up with 436 total taps, 409 of which are on 3/16″ tubing and 27 on buckets.  

2/8/15 Update:

Tapped! We have tapped 280 trees to date, and had our first boil of over 320 gallons of sap.  Unfortunately the extended weather forecast does not look promising for syrup producers so we will be adding another 120-150 taps likely the first week of March.

1/27/15 Update:

 We have made a lot of progress since October of last year. From visiting other producers operations to learn about the production process, to constructing our sugar shack, cutting and chopping 8 cords of fire wood, identifying all of the maple trees in our forest to tap, and installing our evaporator and  tubing system  we have been very busy (especially considering this isn’t our day job)! It has been a lot of hard work and preparation but we’re anxiously monitoring the forecast to see when we’ll tap our trees and start producing!